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People Operations Leader

New York, New York · Human Resources

The People Operations Leader will develop and implement a best-in-class strategic people function that supports the organization in achieving its mission, vision, values and goals, promotes the corporate culture agenda and continuously improves employee engagement, development, satisfaction and retention.
Responsibilities Include:
  • Translate  business strategy and our mission, vision and values into a People Strategy, encompassing attraction, recruiting, induction, engagement, reward, retention, cultural development and talent development.
  • Drive People Strategy across the company and ensure focus on supporting and improving the employee experience across the entire lifecycle.
  • Develop and deploy employee engagement, talent development, and employee relations functions to maximize individual performance while effectively balancing the needs of the individual and the organization.
  • Establish, promote and raise the profile of company as an employer of choice.
  • Design and help manage the employee journey from initial contact to exit interviews, including recruiting, interviewing, mini-project, hiring and onboarding processes.
  • Build policies and procedures and provide industry research for recruiting, hiring, compensation, Diversity & Inclusion (D&I), Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), training, operations and conduct.
  • Develop strategies and processes to support our distributed workforce, including a fully remote management team, sales and fulfillment center in Michigan (who are not direct employees) and an additional western-located sales and fulfillment center to-be-launched.  This will include periodic offsite gatherings.
  • Spearhead initial burst of hiring to support our hyper growth phase, including drafting job descriptions, sourcing candidates, scheduling interviews and mini-projects, collecting feedback, presenting information to management, facilitating decisions with hiring managers and onboarding new hires.
  • Work closely with the CEO and Head of Marketing and Communications to design, build and continuously promote culture with high visibility and focus, including:
    • Optimizing our mission, vision and value statements, vigorously promoting them throughout the organization and infusing them into our recruiting, hiring and people management processes.
    • Establishing transparent processes for the entire employee journey from hiring to onboarding, training, performance reviews, promotions, and rewards.
    • Helping all employees understand their primary role within the wider organization and continuously reiterating how employees contribute to the company’s goals.
    • Creating a culture and environment that:
      • Is based on a deep level of trust throughout the organization
      • Promotes attention to detail, goal ownership and accountability
      • Encourages honest feedback and suggestions
      • Consults with employees regarding strategic decisions
      • Encourages employee initiative and dedication through goal-based reward systems
      • Recognizes, appreciates and celebrates employee contributions
      • Seeks to understand employees’ personal goals and provides training (upskilling and reskilling), mentoring, career pathing, leadership development and goal setting through KPIs / OKRs
      • Proactively identifies and addresses employee pain points
      • Promotes a healthy and flexible work/life balance
      • Results in increased productivity, reduced absenteeism and attrition, increased employee hiring referrals and positive NPS / Glassdoor reviews
  • Set clear boundaries and expectations for conduct and providing necessary training.
  • Organize informational, training and social events.
  • Improve and maintain HR, payroll and benefits systems.
  • Manage changes across the business, including system updates, shifts to digital ways of working, employees switching teams or being promoted and potential shifts in business objectives.
  • Help achieve the wider goals of the organization by reviewing them with management, discussing how achievable they are from a people perspective (including human capital costs) and flagging concerns.
  • Run People Ops solo for the next 6-12 months, and then hire, lead, coach and oversee a People Ops team.
Required Skills and Experience
  • Minimum 5+ years of relevant management-level People Ops experience with a strong focus on recruiting, hiring, onboarding and corporate culture.
  • Sales center and financial services experience strongly preferred.
  • Experience in a high growth, entrepreneurial environment strongly preferred.
  • Minimum 4-year college degree; advanced degree a plus.
  • Strong people and leadership skills and communications ability.
  • An approach based on empathy, mentoring and improvement.
  • The ideal candidate will exhibit an immediate and strong affinity with our mission, product and target customer.


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