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Brampton, Ontario, Canada
Psychologists Location: Brampton, Ontario, Canada.
Job Type: Full-Time, Permanent, on-site.

Description: Psychologists assess and diagnose behavioral, emotional and cognitive disorders, counsel clients, provide therapy, conduct research and apply theory relating to behavior and mental processes. Help clients work toward the maintenance and enhancement of psychological, physical, intellectual, emotional, social and interpersonal functioning. Work in a private practice in our state-of-the-art multidisciplinary clinics.

Work week duration: About 40 hours per week.

Job duties:
  • Here are some of the main activities and tasks that Psychologists have to perform, and some of the physical demands they involve:
  • Examine and assess behavior, diagnose behavioral, emotional and cognitive disorders, counsel clients and provide therapy.
  • Help clients manage physical illness and disorders.
  • Counsel individuals and groups to achieve more effective personal, social and vocational development and adjustment, and offer mediation services.
  • Use standard psychological tests for assessment.
  • Plan intervention programs and conduct program evaluation.
  • Apply psychological theory and principles regarding behavior and mental processes such as learning, language development, memory and perception to develop treatment programs.
  • Formulate hypotheses and experimental designs, review literature, conduct studies and publish research papers, educational texts and articles.
  • Deliver presentations at conferences, workshops or symposia.
  • Provide consultation services to government and other organizations • Conduct applied psychology and/or experimental research.
  • Certification by the College of Psychologists of Ontario (CPO) and in good standing.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Commitment to ongoing medical education.
  • Ability to manage a diverse range of health issues in patients of all age groups.
  • High on discipline, punctuality, courtesy, ethics, have a strong moral compass and you are compassionate.
What we offer:
  • Respect from colleagues and patients.
  • Plenty opportunities to learn and grow in a diverse multidisciplinary environment including but not limited to Family Physicians, SLP's, Audiologists, Occupational Therapists, PT’s and more.
  • Competitive compensation package with profit-sharing programs.
  • Employer-funded benefits with additional healthcare spending account.
  • Paid vacation and personal days.
  • Health & Wellness programs.
  • Mentorship and development opportunities.

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