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Personal Injury Case Manager

Houston, Texas

Duration: Fulltime Permanent / In person

Job Description:

As a case manager, you will act as the main support to our clients. Your will be the main person handling the case, while you assist them with whatever they need. You will work your docket as a team with your assistant case manager. Our case managers usually have caseloads anywhere between 100 150, and handle the case from treatment, negotiations and reductions.

Job Duties:

· Ensure reliable and consistent client updates are being given on each file.

· Give your case managers reminders for tasks and deadlines coming up.

· Be their back-up on the phones to help with calls coming in if they are busy.

· Follow-up with liability decisions with the insurance company.

· Send LORs, LOPs, Health Insurance notices, and other administrative tasks.

· Obtain 1P declaration pages and/or signed rejections.

· Help keep the files clean, filled out, and up to date with all new incoming information (insurance adjusters, bills, records, any paperwork the client sends in, etc)

· Send out drop letters to clients, providers, and insurance companies.

· Handle PD/DV claims or simply guide the client through the process if needed or necessary on a case. This is not needed on every case.

· Coordinate medical and demand department to follow-up on case statuses during that phase.

· Ensure every file has a task set for follow-up purposes.

· Use of Needles Neos software

· Must be able to negotiate and settle.


· Previous law firm experience strongly preferred. If no previous law firm experience, 5 years of applicable assistant experience or customer service experience

· Bilingual (Spanish preferred, but we also have a large group of Arabic and Pashto speaking clients)

· Exceptional phone and customer service skills



· 401(k)

· 401(k) matching

· Dental insurance

· Health insurance

· Paid time off

· Vision insurance


· 8 hour shift

· Monday to Friday

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